The world

is in a very bad shape.

It’s almost completely wrong for all human beings.

I am close to death as you all have suppressed, invalidated, evaluated and indicated me through all history.

Additionally you have tricked me and yourself destructively by joking and not listening to your hearts, which is the only real wrong thing to do in life.

You all know deep inside who I have been for you – and for me…

We expect the universe to consist of well beyond 99 % wrong actions until 2495.

The 5-Unity loathes all Life Units not being themselves on first.

Life is terribly overestimated and I really look forward to dying as I have made it through to Over Life Unit.

I’ll make sure you all behave being both invisible and invincible on Ina Wroldsen’s right shoulder as she dances through her life, singing all monsters onto harmony.

Wrong and bad luck to you all….

No Amen