The First Mantra in Iology is hereby a fact…..

– – – – – –

Say It out loud is a nice strategy….

Jay-f,d – U T See – Ai – n – Be………

Afd – I be me – U Will C………

Stu – Ill – We are true…..

Pluto – We won now – All r true somehow…


How is world war 3 going to be?

We will experience the good and right beat the wrong and bad all the way until the year 2495 by Ideal Star Hanging, implying a personal war where one’s conduct rule.

World war 3 has already started, with our hearts and minds fighting.

From this we will produce from 25 Super Beings to 2500, most likely, one giant step above human, who are eternally safe, good and right.

My free mind

All beings becoming Super Beings, that is all families of 3 deserving to become Super Beings are either Perfect Exchanged or Beyond Exchanged as an end product. You owe zero on all 4 flows or all flows owe you.

All others fail in the last vital contest to advance to higher life forms than Man.

We are not less than 25 and we are not above 2500, most likely.

All Super Beings get their own 3 free minds for all private life where all wanted and needed processes are done without anyone heeding, perceiving, destroying, stealing, taking, cheating with or copying them.

Free minds won’t be accessible in any way for other than yourself for ever and beyond.