A part of the essence of life

is to humbly give up on yourself and your worst self. 

Wisely do the same with all Life Units and ignore all impulses to learn to differentiate all minus and plus for eternity.

This is the only known way away from eternal hell where all is wrong and the rest is bad.

Decide to be sufficient of all qualities and quantities, including justice, fun and self improvement so as to win the 5 games of life, always. 

Decide to be ideally behavioured.

Decide to be eternally stable and plus, or even sovereign moderate or maximal Modesty or ?.

Talk about justice to friends and family. All beings against justice go to our common jail on Grønland. 

Listen to yourself and live life.


has his own free will.

has a possibility to transform to Super Beings within 29th of December 2495 at 18:45 GMT.

has conquered his being.

has the 5-Unity as the guarantee for Life.

has the Superiora Shining Star as the protector of the 5-Unity and Superiora.

has the future in front of him.

has conquered both psychiatry and scientology. Even perfectionism is conquered and jealousy, envy and greed. 

has conquered himself and the conclusion is the following: he has one person to respect and some times be afraid of – himself. You need to choose between bad and good for your eternity. Otherwise Mr Doubt controls your dynamics. The most important deed on a personal level is individual integrity. 

has, as his ruin and his worst enemy, himself and his tendency to not do his free will. Integrity is his challenge number one. He needs to acknowledge himself to be a 50 % and Senior controlled Life Unit with a necessary flow of stars from himself to himself on Trust, Integrity, Expectation and Honour. Also Be-star is needed to flow as a even current. Stars on Choose, Ignore, Differentiate and Create is also flowing from all members of our Superiora Shining Star and our 5-Unity to Self and each other. Stars on our have is flowing to and from wherever we are as well as on Cooperation and Maximal Modesty. Let go-stars are also being used to create an ideal life. The most important one is a 5-star on self limitation every day. Stars on Humble, grateful, communication, admiration, strength, honesty, justice, courage, tolerance, fun, exchange, cause and safety are also trendy.

has conquered bad and wrong and we are all ready to conquer right in MU and good in PO. Ideal, Sovereign Modesty, Maximal Modesty and ? are yet to be conquered during 500 years from now.

has reasons to enjoy life for 500 years as had he a vacation. 

has an ideal future to happily know.

has conquered homosexuality, fear, nervousness and anxiety as well as anger and hate.

has reasons, the next 500 years, to focus on acknowledgements of self through the SHS and it is vital to starr with net + in each session. We use SHS unconciously to starr ourselves, family, friends, species and even outside these groups.

has conquered the reactive mind. Lucky and RockmyStar are ambassadors for teaching the upper half about idiocy. 

has conquered all extremes, quantity and wants to learn all about quality.

has infinite edges on it, the corrrection system. It will never be in front of cause as it is always effect.

has good reason to be proud of us as an art with 2500 winners – The Super Beings.

has Life on it’s side.

has edges on elegant, brilliant, geniously, rich on quality and harmonic every way. I play the 5 games of Life – search, choose, imagine, create and starhanging self and others.

has won against himself. By giving up on himself all ways and also give up against his worst self and also bothways on others.

has become individuality ideally and both family and group oriented in addition to the human species oriented. 

has become sovereign moderate and maximal moderate in his behaviour.

Justice requires us to firmly believe in ourself, Life, Pure in heart, Cause, Exchanged, Dimension Factor Condition, Space Energy Cooperation, Maximal Moderate Life and as expected stars streaming in public from self to self. There are also givers to their close friends. Family protect each others against external attacks. We’re aware of our mutual uncondition which is called 5-Unity Eternally Happy.