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Rights to live life

You are born with rights to cooperate and maximal moderate you, yourself and I.

You also have the right to enjoy a life free from unjustice as you always take care of you exactly the ideal amount, 75 %. 

All of us have God’s guarantee that he has made eternally happy an important deed for some.

The right to ignore minus influence is so basic and important that an explanation will lead all astray.

We all also have the right to courtcase where we are minus treated.

At last we all also have the right to have 100 % rights where we are absolutely deserved. The Superiora Shining Star has 15 life units safe, sound and extremely horny. All girls – 25 in all are all I want to fuck the rest of my existence. But I want 5 of them I will live together with. They are Tone Damli, Ina Wroldsen, Ms 2000, Eva Antonelli and Therese Johaug. 

On the outside is fun, meaning the responsible life unit and a condition chart. The neverending purpose is always as has been – I love to love myself to the degree I’m free. Who are you to me, Ina? I am so in love, I’m so in love, I’m so glad I did – What? Oh, you say what? Ride my cock now, it’s stone hard and Tone Damli is already screaming her best ever orgasms throughout all of Earth. Venus is next stop. You love to love you too, as we all very lovely do, be and have in harmony is all we care about, really. 

I am and I promise to always be as crazy and wild as we need and want our integrity. We are of course always what we are, we also have exactly what we deserve and we are totally free to choose.