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Freedom of thought

Thoughts, that is summarizations and conclusions, associations and dissociations, integrity impulses, sense energies, creative energies, central nerve system, dreams, imaginations, conditions with attributes, any in- and outflow or other to and from or including self, personal data, all thought processes with attributes not here mentioned or yet existing and any kind of communication with self belong to one’s private life.

Our private life is protected from others by the strongest possible individual will (the will stating all the best for all forever and beyond, not exceeded by any destructive individual force in any future as it is stronger than all individual counter efforts combined in any future) and this force also makes sure one is protected from others’ thoughts when combined with the greatest force of all life, Beyond Superiora.

Protection of one’s two flows and more represents the highest degree of magnitude when it comes to life.

Let this be what is needed for us to avoid further terroristic mind control.

‘Freedom of thought’ is of utmost importance to any free group or society as every group without it goes steadily to eternal hell for all.