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The learning of I

The easy and safe way to and through Life


Foreword                      5

How to operate life    6

The two tenants          7

The no name scale     9

Where am I?               11

Super Being                13

List to freedom          15

A poem: Change        16


With this philosophy I hope and truly believe to inspire at least one Life Unit to a life of quality, Superiora.

Further I hope my work inspires someone to develop Iology into a closer to perfect philosophy for knowing yourself.


How to operate life

1. With interest and certainty I focus on truly exploring my space.

2. I focus on choosing my way between good, wrong, bad and right, conquering the ideal.

3. With ideal fantasy I imagine my own and friends’ experiences in our future and present.

4. As I experience as deserved, I get what I want and need to passionately create my art of life and steadily create justice (aligning my Be, Do and Have) in and around me.

These 4 processes together with Ideal Star Hanging comprise the 5 games of life, every one of them of utmost magnitude. All 5 games are of course done spiritually with privacy.

The two tenants

I fully trust that we all have conquered all dimensions for us all.

I further fully trust cooperation, deserved and justice to be all dimensions foundation.

By agreeing to the two tenants above, from the 9-Unity, with my spiritual family, I have the possibility to transform into a higher species within the year 2495, 29th of December 18:40 GMT – The Super Being

The Super Being is safe for eternity.

The no name scale

 Starting a new life is often difficult when faced with the vicious mind control used broadly in our world as long as until the year 2017.

What is basically needed, is integrity used to differentiate, including freedom of thought.

If you have never in your whole existence taken a real chance, here is your perfect occasion.

To succeed with ignoring all wrong and bad energy flows, you need to let go of control outside yourself. By ignoring ensuperiora, you increase your control of you. Ignoring is easier after you have decided to have exactly zero interest in all bad impulses and off purpose impulses.

As you recognize you, trust is achieved with more and more certainty.

You need to believe more in yourself than in any other person, including God.

Now you are a smashing hit and all you need on a permanent basis is  the 5 vital games of life.

By starring and hanging yourself and others you go up the tone scale and stay there permanently. You are always most safe and harmonic the higher up you are.

You are on sure and continous way to Super Being when all 3 of you continously stay in minimum safe condition (see below), above + 50 on the tone scale.

Good luck, freedom fighter.

I’ll see you when you get there.

Where am I?

All Life Units are always to some degree in one or more of these conditions.

Super Being


All Life Units are created in original families of 3 or 5.

A poem


I was – alone

I played with myself – alone

I got lonely – alone

I got inspiration to play with others – alone

I created life to have one friend, by his own free will, who lets me be myself – alone

– –

Now, I do not want any more – alone


Do you want to take part in creating a world?

A world for some of us, built on deeds of quality?


On behalf of God

Duke of Paradise



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