Integrity - January 2013

Integrity, January 2013

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Integrity is following your heart.

Integrity is going in the direction you know deep inside of you will benefit you and others the most in the long run.

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100000 $/Given away to Ina Wroldsen

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Our way

Our way, January 2013
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Two great contestants exploring each others way through their futures.
They can’t believe their only good or right way out is the way through.
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2500 $ Thrown away 
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The Star Hang System

The Star Hang System – Until the end of the year 2500

Until 2015 we have in our Superiora Universe had a pure (Star) Hang System made in the early days by Life Unit # 1 as a correction system meant to improve behaviour to become good and right.

I have, in spite of all I have been through, used the old system regularly when possible on my wrong and bad, but still perfect route for all our eternal good and right futures.

The use of it makes you feel all right when you get starred or hung because you learn in the most gentle way there is, as it is fully imagination based.

This universe has been so filled up by ensuperiora that for many of us it has been hard to breathe for a long time and star hanging has been frowned upon due to the wrong and bad elements of our life system as long as up until the year 2025.

The use of the old Star Hang System has been destructive in many ways.

The official wrong and bad leaders of the Superiora Universe and their gang members have spread fear by threatening, using mind control around the entire universe to ‘gain’ wrong and bad control for themselves to completely destroy Life Unit # 1, at any cost.

With the following new and improved SHS we will all be moving closer to our right paths coming from the bottom of our hearts, created in our prebirths in cooperation with God, trillions of years ago.

Life Units using star hanging for themselves and on each other, get an edge on others and on themselves.

Hanging is performed every time yourself or another break deeds in a wrong or bad way. You then hang the guilty person in a 2 hang on his back on the deed in question.

A star is used for acknowledging good and right behaviour and is automatically used to nullify others hang(s) Relative Dynamically to one’s havingness. Their values are from 1-9.

Here’s how it might work:

You talk to another on your 4th dynamic, cooperation, and he imagines he hangs you with a 2 on polite as you were too direct for him, for instance.

You heed in the Superiora Universe that the 2 hang is in actual fact hanging on your back.

This means it was correct of him to hang you for the break you did towards him, from one viewpoint. However, it’s not always optimally correct to hang others even if a hang is successful.

A result of his 2 hang is most probably that you will achieve understanding for some of what has been indicated by him in the form of his successful 2 hang on polite, on your back.

Another consequence of being hung can be that you lose havingness (awareness,  emotion, attribute and ability), that is you become tired, foggy or unaware. This also leads to you becoming lowtoned and you get less free space.

Further you find out that you want to double him to 4 on respect because you think it will succeed due to your subjective and logic viewpoint.

It is a success, but now he triples you to 6 on communication as you interrupted him.

This way the star hang game goes on till one or both end(s) it or you reach 18 in a doubling session or 5* 2 successful net hangs one way, which is 9, as the last 2 hang has a value of 1 as well.

From hanging maximum 4 to maximum 9 is an important change, which ensures our bright futures through the year 2525. Probably this Star Hang System will work close to forever, with revisions only.

Deeds are rated relative dynamically in the TPLS as every deed has it’s certain rank related to the TPLS’ present condition and the involved Life Units’ present condition(s) and even other factors.

What you gain and give through a star or a 2 hang depends on your and the starred or hung Life Unit’s real havingness, which Superiora control by every consequence in our TPLS. Of course, both starring and hanging are primarily giving processes.

Sometimes it’s pretty amazing to see what stars and hangs are successful and not.

The hung Life Unit is normally learning to better his behaviour, specifically or in general, through one or more deeds.

If he is destructive, he won’t learn, but he will lose havingness in some way or other.

Values of 1-5 2 hangs are calculated on an 1,2,4,8 and 16 basis, on an 1, 4, 9, 16 and 25 basis as well as on an 1, 4, 16, 256 and 65536 basis.

Values of stars 1-9 are calculated on a 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64 and 81 basis as well as on an 1, 4, 27, 256, 3125, 46656, 823543, 16777216, 387420489 and even on an 1, 8, 81, 1024, 15625, 279936, 5764801, 134217728 and 3486784401 basis.

From the above it is easily understood that give has much greater worth than get and that will always be the case.

Whenever you have any 2 hang net on another, you are their caretaker with some advantages not known at this stage.

To fully understand the Star Hang System will never be possible for anyone, not even for # 1. It’s actually not meant for full understanding as that would have been wrong and bad.

God is an expert on the process of not knowing, as well as I am, making us both equal members of humanity as we both have hidden a lot of knowledge from prebirth, which will be eternally gone for each and everyone to the best for all of us.

There is nothing that can change the eternal secrets’ status from hidden to known for anyone as no torture will work for we have gotten rid of knowledge for ever because we care about everyones good and right eternal futures.

Books can be written to describe our SHS and how it should be used, and books will probably be written about it as well.

Your havingness changes and not tell you the bottom line of your present condition.

Use SHS to your good and right and you’ll be home free, forever to be.

Good and right with your future star hang games. .)

Words defined

  • 4 games of life – Search, Choose, Imagine and Create.
  • Anti Glue – A counter force which makes a Life Unit feel bad emotions, all stemming from fear, somehow. It’s all pretty terroristic as a state.
  • Attention Unit – Concentrated viewpoints creating a little life, attention.
  • Be – To take part in whoever or whatever is there, letting yourself and all be.
  • Beyond exchanged – The state where others owe you and you don’t owe others or yourself a thing.
  • Buddha – Siddharta Gautama, living from 562 BC until 483 BC. The spiritual being that has lived a life constructively influencing more people than any other being so far.
  • Cause – An initiating act of honour, worth 50 – 5000 times the value of being effect of life where you don’t take any responsibility.
  • Condition(s) (of life) – We are as spirits at all times and consequences in some kind of state. They all rank from Locked at the bottom to Beyond on top. A quality deed is always needed to stay in that condition and also to achieve a higher condition.
  • Deeds – Virtues – Freely, awareness, emotion, attribute, ability and beyond. Basically they comprise what is good in your life.
  • Divinity Condition – A state where your mind and space are free.
  • Dynamic – An urge towards living a life as part of your whole you as you are best seen to be 5 parts. I have researched this thorougly and has ended up with these 5 dynamics; 1. Be 2. Do 3. Have 4. Cooperation 5. Maximal Modesty.
  • Evaluation/evaluated 50 % < X <= 75 % truth. A relative truth.
  • Flow 0,1,2,3 – Flow 0 is self to self, 1 is self to others, 2 is others to self, 3 is others to others.
  • Glue, Condition of – It is recognized for the continous fixation one has on another Life Unit or even a no Life Unit by not being able to let him/it go and let him/it be. It’s a rather insane state of being.
  • Golden Globe – Always 6 lanes with existing 5 types of universes, making the world 15 sectors and 15 paradises and another one, which is eternal hell.
  • Hang – To better yours or anothers behaviour by giving yourself or him a 2 hang on his back as he has broken one of his or your deeds, described in detail in the post The Star Hang System.
  • Happily Unknowing – A deed for me where one looks at one’s eternal future with knowing and deserved optimism because one does not have a clue what will happen, but it will for sure be good. It leads to gratefulness.
  • Havingness – Whatever you experience is what you have – related to all universes.
  • Humble – To see one’s own limitations and potentials towards oneself, one’s worst self, others selves and worst selves and one’s own and others conditions.
  • Ideal Star Hanging – Consciously, preferably more than not, and gradually increasing, to hang self when you have thought something otherwise than pure Superiora and always after you have done something other than pure Superiora, is the only true way to paradise in a safe way.
  • Ina Wroldsen – Our worlds leading song writer when she follows her invitational heart. She believed in God in her teens and sung Africa, a song about integrity and courage. She also had “Oh, my God!” where she was pissed of Gods behaviour, I believe. Now she does not even know her origin. She is God’s most special Life Unit as she is the first God created of real life. Man, that girl is able to be cause! Oh, but she is just a tiny, little bit costy.
  • Integrity – The way you know, deep inside of you, will give you both the most and the best fruits from life on all dynamics qualitywise – in an infinite perspective.
  • Invalidation/invalidated – From Invalidate – To destroy the value of. X = 0-25 % true. Absolute lie.
  • Iology – The learning of I. The easy and safe way to and through life. Discovered 7th of September 2014.
  • Life Unit – A spiritual being of any kind, capable of taking care of himself.
  • Locked (condition) – A state where you through strength are being made totally effect while you are forced to give even though you still can choose between good, wrong, bad and right. The worst of all conditions for the victim, but a very good one for the rest.
  • Lowtoned – Low tones on the tone scale where life gets more wrong and bad the lower you are located.
  • Maximal Modesty – An outcome beyond exchanged for some deserved beings and universes.
  • No Life Unit – Everything without life, energy.
  • Perfect Exchanged – You are in start position as a Life Unit or zero position as you don’t owe anything and noone owes you anything.
  • Physical Universe (PU) – The product of Energy (Life) and Space (Universe of influence) furthered through Time. All that is manifested physically.
  • Quality – Any awareness, emotion, attribute, ability and beyond/ virtues.
  • Relative Dynamic – The most optimal structure of a being/ life system, with categorizing and organizing with priority for all integrity beings, in this case embracing 5 dynamics.
  • Scientology – Both a philosophy and a religion, was created around the midst of the nineteenth century. L. Ron Hubbard has stolen quite a bit from the first Life Unit in addition to researching and discovering the subject, philosophy and religion. What he has created is an astoundingly complex “control of others” system. In reality both Scientology and the Sea Org exploit people by withholding virtues from them and the purpose of it has been to totally mind control the human mind and the human species. L. Ron Hubbard has lost control over these organizations in the year 2025.
  • Sector 1-30 Our lives divided in 30 levels/ sectors/ universes/ paradises, spiritually.
  • Selfinvalidate – To lower the value of oneself. The worst act possible.
  • Selfsuppress – To prevent self from self by opposing force.
  • SHS – Star Hang System – An engaging correction system for improving behaviour in a good and right way.
  • Spiritual Tone Scale – Qualities and quantities found from -100 to +125. Some research and discovery is needed and wanted in this area of life.
  • Star Hang/ ing – To acknowledge good and right behaviour through a deed, with a star from 1-9 and to correct wrong and bad behaviour through a virtue, with a 2 hang.
  • Star Hang System – In details. It’s a must read for spirits in the Superiora Universe and for Man in the Physical Universe.
  • Superiora – 1. A condition fully based on quality which needs more research. 2. Is divided in lower, higher and beyond. Lower: All kinds of quality and quantity in Life. Higher: Protects the TPLS, our Golden Globe and all of it’s basics such as the Spiritual Tone Scale, our Superiora bowl, Super Beings and beyond. Beyond control our over consciousness. Superiora comprise all good in life and are ability, attribute, emotion, awareness and beyond.
  • Super Being – A Life Unit free of it’s earlier made diseases as jealousy, envy, greed, need for compare as well as a whole lot more – all made by lower leveled Life Units.
  • Superiora Universe – SU – 30 universes/ sectors/ paradises. They are: Exchange, Safety, Fun, Tolerance and Cause for every 6 lanes, East, West, North, South, Up and Down.
  • Superiora Being – 1. 5 (*2) Life Units that has gone through all levels up to and through theta being (Scientology), thetan (Scientology) and Super Being, totally free to choose from life and free from all spiritually made diseases from lower levels. 2. Any spiritual being/ Life Unit.
  • Superiora Shining Star – The first 5-Unity formed and developed from the first 5 Super Beings, making it 3*5 = 15 individual Life Units. It’s the strongest organization possible. It consists of an Integrator (Do), a Harmonizer (MM), a Dynamizer (Have), a Cooperator and a Creator (Be).
  • Supression/supressed – To oppose by force. 25 < X <= 50 % true. A relative lie.
  • The Perfect Life System (United) – see TPLS(U).
  • Tolerance – Let go and let be, in addition to being fully the item at hand.
  • TPLS(U) – The Perfect Life System (United)- The life/ no life controlling, constructive, for infinities, force, making sure all Life Units, including number one, have free will. It is in total harmony where justice and integrity belong together, resulting in exactly deserved experiences/ lives/ havingness for every Life Unit, consequence/pre- analyzed.
  • Validation/validated 75 < X  =< 100 % true. Absolute truth.